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More musicians & labels are seeing the benefits of being independent, but there are also cons like not having a team to help manage marketing, branding, & PR. For indie labels, we have online business management pricing. We also have a special package for the independent musicians who need help laying their foundation. 


Jump-start your music career! 


Indie Artist Jump Start

Launching your music career alone is scary.

Jumpstart your music career with this starter package. 

Cost: 1 payment of $840 or 2 payments of $420. 


Press Releases


Get an Electronic Press Kit, or a musician website where your artistry can be fully experienced online and a place to sell merch.  

We will make your first press releases about your artistry, and current music that you can send to music blogs and post online. 

As a bonus, we'll start your first press campaign by submitting your songs to 50 radio, music blogs, & playlist curators. This is a great way to start getting your music heard!